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Gastroenterology Consultants of Laredo - Forms and Policies

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New Patient Registration Form New Patient Registration Form Nulytely Instructions for Colonoscopy NulyTely Instructions Su Prep Instructions for Colonoscopy Su Prep Instructions for Colonoscopy EGD Instructions EGD Instructions Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Instructions Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Instructions Magnesium Citrate Video Capsule Instructions Magnesium Citrate Video Capsule Instructions

About This Practice...

This practice specializes in gastrointestinal issues only. This means we only treat issues related to the digestive system. We will work closely with your primary care physician, and will send reports about your visits and procedures to your primary care physican, so that they will be informed about your care and any treatment plan we have recommended.

Before Your First Appointment

As many of you have already experienced, we will ask you for some personal information over the telephone prior to your first visit. This will include your insurance information. This is important so we can confirm the level of your coverage, and let you know what payment will be needed at the time of your visit. All of your personal and medical information will be held in strictest confidence.

At The Time of Your Visit

Please bring any medications you are taking, a photo ID, your insurance cards, any vouchers of coverage you have, and any referrals you may have received from your primary care physician.


We will ask for your payment of co-pay and coinsurance amounts at the time of each visit. If you have not met your deductible, we will also require payment of the full charge for the visit, up to the unmet deductible amount. After your visit, we will submit a claim to your insurance company on your behalf, and payment will be made directly to us. Occasionally, an insurance company will ask for additional information, such as any other physicians you may have seen or other insurance coverage you may have. If you do not respond to our requests for assistance so that our claims are paid, we will bill you directly for the services provided. After application of any insurance payment, we will send you a statement for any remaining balance. Payment is expected within 30 days. Unpaid accounts are routinely sent to SARMA for collection if payment is not made within 90 days of the first statement.

Prescription Refills

If you need a prescription refilled between appointments please call our office at least 2 days before the medication is needed. Our Medical Assistants will review your medical records, and if needed, consult with your physician for approval of the refill. Please aware that we are usually not able to issue a refill if you have not seen one of our providers in more than 6 months.